6 Top Frameworks to Become A Full-Stack Developer in 2022

July 29, 2022

As a full-stack developer, you will have many options regarding what frameworks you want to master and which ones sit well with you. However, it’s 2022, and the world is moving faster than we’d like to admit.

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A full-stack developer takes care of both the client and the server software. This means there are multiple frameworks in play. A full-stack developer needs to master many frameworks to land a job that makes them feel fulfilled and well-utilized.

As a full-stack developer, you will have many options regarding what frameworks you want to master and which ones sit well with you. However, it’s 2022, and the world is moving faster than we’d like to admit.

Don’t you worry, though. We’ve got you covered. This blog will discuss the top frameworks you should master to become a successful full-stack developer. Before we do, let’s look into what a full-stack framework primarily is.

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What Is A Full-Stack Framework?

Full-stack developers use a full-stack framework to program web applications using languages and tools. This eliminates the task of manually constructing codes. Full-stack developers use codes presented by frameworks to create web pages and web applications.

Top Frameworks To Become A Full-Stack Developer

As a credible full-stack developer, you would need to master programming skills. You don’t necessarily need a degree to master those skills; you can gain that knowledge online via short courses or crash courses.

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1. Django See Jobs

Django is a python framework used by full-stack developers. Django contains many options, and it helps make the web development process easier by providing URL routing, server support, object-relational mapper, and database version controls. Django helps develop extremely scalable and legitimate web applications as a python framework.

2. SQL See Jobs

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. Bootcamp at Columbia mentions it as a framework used to manage and update records and access databases. The same framework is used to change databases when required.

3. Spring Boot See Jobs

According to IBM, Spring Boot is a back-end Java framework that constructs production-grade applications capable of running on JVM. The Java Spring Boot is used to create web applications using the Spring Framework much faster.

The Spring Framework allows developers to create applications fit for distributed network applications conveniently. Spring Boot facilitates by adding in autoconfiguration, an opinionated approach, and by helping create standalone applications. Standalone applications can run by themselves. You can release your application on a platform by running a command.

Frontend Remote Frontend Jobs

4. JavaScript See Jobs

JavaScript is a fundamental learning tool for a full-stack developer. It plays an integral role in forming a web page’s look. As per Bootcamp, websites would not look as engaging without JavaScript. They would have limited animations, and the website as a whole would be more static. JavaScript is important because you can utilize it to create a more interactive website.

5. AngularJS See Jobs

AngularJS is a JavaScript front-end framework that develops single-page web applications known as SPAs. This framework is a good tool to learn because it helps with improving web applications. You can change static HTML to dynamic HTML via AngularJS.

AngularJS is a better choice for firms and companies than startups, suggests New Relic.

6. Ember.js See Jobs

Ember.js is used by companies such as Netflix and LinkedIn. According to New Relic, this framework utilizes the MVVM pattern, short for Model-View-View-Model. This framework scales well, which is why a company like Microsoft relies on it.

Ember.js is a promising framework because it works well for web development and building mobile applications. With Ember.js, you can expect a harmonious environment.

Benefits of Being A Full-Stack Developer

Feeling overwhelmed is normal when there’s too much information to grasp. We may sit and ponder over why we chose this career in the first place. We understand it can be stressful to get into the details of your career and rethink why you chose this path.

Let’s look over the benefits of being a full-stack developer.

As a full-stack developer, you will get the chance to work on complex web applications and projects. As someone who works on the server and client sides, you get to always view two pictures. What you learn at work is not just limited to work. You can bring the experience home. Having said that, you can use your career to grow and view different perspectives.

In your career, you will have the opportunity to amend and improve web development and its processes. You can create documentation and introduce new standards while creating a name for yourself.


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Conclusively, to have a flourishing career, it’s essential to know your field. This is a good start if you see yourself as a full-stack developer. Learning the intricacies of the profession is the tool to success, especially in such a niche market. Knowing the top frameworks used in full-stack development and studying them in-depth will provide you with thorough knowledge of the subject.

Once you have the skills, then the job is yours. You don’t need to get into a university and work your way up a degree to become a full-stack developer. Willingness to learn and acquire the skills necessary is more than enough. Rest is all dedication.