It's all About Finding Good Jobs


About two years ago, I was in a place many of you might relate to in the chaotic job market of 2024, I was trying to find a software engineering job I was interested in. But as I scrolled through major job boards I found myself scrolling through page after page before I found even one job I wanted to apply for.

During this personal journey, EchoJobs was born.

I thought, why not apply my engineering skills to create an API that would return only jobs that matched my interests? So I built my initial API program to search through companies I was interested in working for.

I liked my API, so I decided to create a frontend for easier use. And EchoJobs began to grow into what it is today. I wanted an interface that would allow users to narrow down endless pages of jobs using filters that helped them sift out those jobs that fit their interests the most.

Today, EchoJobs boasts a robust filter function that I continue to improve. Users can filter by tech stack, location, career level, and industry. They can create job alerts to receive new jobs directly to their inbox.

I currently have around 5000 companies in my database with an average of 64,000 jobs users can sort through. I continue to add new companies and jobs to this database daily because I want to offer software engineers a practical and easy-to-use tool to support them in their job search!

Thank you for checking out my work! This is a one-man operation so your visit and engagement means a lot to my continued growth!


To serve and enrich the software engineering communities by supporting and helping engineers of all levels easily search and find the best jobs in the market via a best-of-class platform.


We help engineers find the best high-quality jobs by providing an easy-to-use interface through an aggregated platform which only shows relevant and quality information for job seekers that will help them save time and ensure their job hunting delivers the most impactful results. To find the perfect job.

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