5 Benefits of Being A Freelance Software Engineer

July 23, 2022

A software engineer knows their way around computer applications or mobile ones. They don’t need a 9-5 or a desk job to get their work done. Having said that, it is understandable if a software engineer goes for a job that provides liberty and flexibility.

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A software engineer knows their way around computer applications or mobile ones. They don’t need a 9-5 or a desk job to get their work done. Having said that, it is understandable if a software engineer goes for a job that provides liberty and flexibility.

If you can work without being chained to your chair, then why not opt for it? We’ll look into the benefits of being a freelance software engineer in a minute. First, let’s skim through what a software engineer’s JD is.

What Is A Software Engineer?

Bootcamp Berkeley confirms that a software engineer’s job is to construct applications for companies that can help them move their business forward.

For example, let’s consider an online food delivery company. Such an enterprise would require a mobile application with all processes for customers to place an order within minutes conveniently. This is where a software engineer’s job comes in. They need to construct an internal software for the company that will present an interface for users to place an order through.

Bootcamp Berkeley also suggests that a software engineer needs to understand the client’s requirements, study the system processes and data usage, evaluate operational feasibility, and develop proposed solutions. Well, all of this can be done without a desk job, no?

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What Is Freelancing?

Now that we know what a software engineer’s job is, let’s look into what a freelancer is. This will help us move forward and discuss the benefits a freelancer experiences.

As per Indeed, Freelance programmers are self-employed. They can work at their own timings, set their own prices, pay taxes, and have their workspace. There is no interference in their space or workstyle by any third party. They also have the liberty of communicating with their clients one-on-one and determining professional expectations and boundaries.

5 Benefits of Working As A Freelance Software Engineer Now that we’ve understood what freelancing means and what a software engineer fundamentally does, let’s look into the benefits of working as a freelance software engineer.


As a freelancer, there is flexibility as much as there is liberty. Indeed suggests that freelancers can be hired on a project basis and left to work as they wish. Since they’re self-employed and don’t have fixed working hours, they can work on their own time. Indeed is stating facts, though. As a freelance software engineer, you can work on your own terms. You can take vacations as you wish by working on a project basis. Your work timings will not be dictated, and you will be your own boss.


Turing explains the independence freelancers experience. As a freelance software engineer, you can come to your own conclusions about the certainty and potential of a project. This will not just make you independent but also help you as an individual and increase your confidence. Working independently means you are solely responsible for the work you put out.

Cost Savings

Freelancers are attractive because they save quite a lot of cost. As a freelance Software Engineer, you will also be benefitted from this flexibility.

You will save up on transport costs while working on your own terms. You will also experience enhanced productivity by working in a clear-headed space. You will also not be liable for your client’s loyalty and are not expected to stay simply because you have a history with them.

Lifestyle Change

Upwork research found that 12% of the United States workforce started freelance work after the pandemic started. From this statistic, 48% of participants admitted that they could see freelancing as a long-term and full-time profession. 60% of those surveyed confessed that they would not take up a traditional job, regardless of how much money they offered.

67% of full-time freelancers stated that they are now prepared for uncertainty to wind itself around them, given the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choose Your Own Project

As a freelancer, you will not be limited to just one kind of project or restricted to a client you don’t like. You will be free to take up any project you desire as a software engineer. If you don’t want to perform a certain task or be part of a certain software application, you can willingly say no and remove yourself from the equation.

If you’re working for a company, your opinions will be tied to a rope, and sometimes you may experience as if your voice is not being heard.

How Can Echojobs Help?

As a freelancer, it can be a task sometimes to grab a project or get your hands into some software application. At echojobs, we understand that struggle. You don’t have to give up on your lifestyle or values if you’re not finding a gig. You just have to land at the correct site – echojobs!

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Freelancing might bring you some gloomy days. It’s not a 9-5 job with a sure payroll at the end of the month, which can bring about an anxious mind. In times like those, we need you to trust yourself and your gut. You’ve made a lifestyle choice based on factors that you’ve concluded.

You will have to trust yourself in this process and believe that the right projects will find you, always. Your skills are your greatest asset, and that’s all you need to remember. You can look into courses or Youtube videos to further develop your skill when you are not working on a project or with a client. That’s the beauty of freelancing. You will find much room to cover as a software engineer, and the flexibility is simply a bonus.