Experienced Backend Engineer

Remote San Francisco, CA
USD 175k - 240k
AWS gRPC Go Kubernetes TypeScript Next.js React

What we're looking for

Stytch is the most powerful identity platform built for developers. With advanced features like device fingerprinting and account takeover-resistant authentication, Stytch provides the infrastructure to make your company’s identity and access management secure, reliable, and scalable. As an experienced backend engineer, you'll partner with leadership to ensure that infrastructure is truly best-in-class by setting the roadmap for the team, overseeing the design and execution of the team’s projects, and ultimately working on the most critical projects that ensure the security and reliability of our systems. 

What Excites You

  • A collaborative environment with a tight feedback loop between the work you do and the impact it has on users

  • Mentoring engineers across Stytch — you have a passion for helping engineers grow and learn and are excited to help grow the future engineering leaders of the company

  • Designing for the future, and building for the present — you have a vision for the systems you work on, but know how to build incremental milestones, and when to make trade-offs between completeness and utility to get to value fast

  • You love code — you’re a pro at building roadmaps and design docs, but you don’t like stopping there. You’re incredibly proud of the code you write and review, and like staying close to the systems you own

  • Putting your stamp on the team — shaping the culture and growing the team through recruiting leadership and senior engineers, and working closely with engineering managers to develop the operations and processes that allow the team to execute at the highest level

  • Building products that make developers lives easier — both internally and externally. You’re excited to make our systems easy to use and safe for internal developers, as well as the impact your work will have on Stytch’s customers.


What Excites Us

  • 6+ years as a backend engineer

  • Familiarity with Go and Kubernetes

  • Experience designing and building highly reliable back end systems


What Success Looks Like

Technical — build new, highly reliable services that our customers can depend on in their critical path. Improve our existing systems to be both delightful and safe to build on for Stytch developers, as well as performant, reliable, and secure for our customers.

Ownership — partner with your manager to build the roadmap for the team, partner with product to prioritize the most critical work and projects, and then ship it to production

Leadership — level up the team and the industry by growing the next generation of senior engineers


Our Tech Stack

  • Go for backend services

  • Node and Typescript for our web services

  • Next.js and React/Typescript on the frontend

  • We run on AWS with Kubernetes for containerization

  • gRPC and protobufs for internal service communication


Expected base salary $175,000-$240,000. The anticipated base salary range is not inclusive of full benefits including equity, health care insurance, time off, paid parental leave, etc. This base salary is accurate based on information at the time of posting. Actual compensation for hired candidates will be determined using a number of factors including experience, skills, and qualifications.

We're looking to hire a GREAT team and that means hiring people who are highly empathetic, ambitious, and excited about building the future of user authentication. You should feel empowered to apply for this role even if your experience doesn't exactly match up to our job description (our job descriptions are directional and not perfect recipes for exactly what we need). We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workspace where everyone (regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any personal characteristics) feels like they belong. We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about our team and culture here!

Developer APIs Software UX Design

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