Senior Distributed Systems Engineer

Berlin, Germany
C++ Java AWS Azure GCP

Build the future of data. Join the Snowflake team.

We are actively hiring talented distributed systems developers from Europe and around the world for our European Engineering Center. Our office is located at Potsdamer Platz, in the heart of Berlin. It is conveniently accessible by train, subway, bus, or bicycle – with a large number of restaurants, cafes, and shops within walking distance. The official language for this office is English.

This is a unique opportunity to join a team of experienced engineers, forming the core of a new distributed systems team in Berlin. The focus of this team will be on building infrastructure components to solve complex problems involving distributed systems, service-oriented architectures, metadata storage, cloud infrastructure, and more. This role offers the chance to make a significant impact on our elastic, large-scale, high-performance infrastructure.


  • Design and implement complex, distributed platforms for storing data, scaling parallel algorithms, etc.
  • Analyze fault-tolerance and high-availability issues, performance and scale challenges, and solve them.
  • Pinpoint problems, instrument relevant components as needed, and ultimately implement solutions.
  • Understand the trade-offs between consistency, durability, and costs to build solutions that can meet the demands of rapidly growing services.
  • Ensure operational readiness of the services and meet our commitments to customers regarding availability and performance.


  • 8+ years of industry experience in designing, building, and supporting large-scale systems in production.
  • Experience in building large-scale, distributed, fault-tolerant services.
  • Excellent understanding of low-level operating system concepts including multi-threading, memory management, networking, storage, and performance at scale.
  • Strong CS fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems.
  • Systems programming skills, including multi-threading and concurrency. Fluency in C++ or Java is preferred.Java is preferredJava isJava
  • A track record of identifying and implementing creative solutions.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure – AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • BS in Computer Science; Masters or Ph.D. preferred.
  • Fluency in English.

Why join the Engineering team at Snowflake? Building new enterprise technologies is complex, and our engineering team surmounts these obstacles.

As a member of our team, you will:

  • Build an industry-leading Cloud Data Platform that customers love.
  • Solve challenging technical problems related to security, parallel and distributed systems, programming, resource management, large-scale system maintenance, and more!
  • Gain experience implementing multi-tenant systems, with a focus on isolation and security.
  • Learn about and contribute to:
    • Super-robust and secure enterprise SaaS platform that services thousands of customers and processes hundreds of millions of complex queries daily.
    • Work on a highly-scalable and reliable cloud platform that runs on hundreds and thousands of machines.
    • Optimize performance and resource management in Java systems.
  • Join a world-class team of both industry veterans and rising stars.


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