Application Engineer - System Division, Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka)

JavaScript Docker Node.js SQL Git Vue.js Nuxt.js Java

Job Description:

Business Overview

Payment systems using credit cards, e-money, the Web, and apps are no longer inseparable from our lives. Rakuten Card has been the industry's top class with more than 25 million members, the No.1 credit card handling volume in Japan(based on its own issuance) for the  four consecutive years, and the No.1 customers satisfaction rate for 13 consecutive years. Even now, we continue to grow with the high goal achieving triple3(30 million credit card issuance, 30 trillion yen in shopping handling volume, and a 30% share of the credit card industry ) without slowing down.


Department Overview

Our system strategy department handles architecture design and introduction of new technologies to support the expanding service lineup, such as rapidly growing membership and transaction value, and upgrade Rakuten e-NAVI and Rakuten Card application services. The scope of responsibility is wide-ranging, including card payment systems, credit management systems, Rakuten e-NAVI, Rakuten Card application, call center systems and other systems.

The experience at our company is very stimulating as an engineer, as you will be involved from the top stream, making full use of cutting-edge technology.

Why We Hire

We are looking for an engineer who can design and develop additional product features and modifications to existing features while collaborating with product managers and other stakeholders on products and services within the System Development Department.

This is a challenging position where you can contribute to the further growth of Rakuten Card, the number one credit card company in Japan.

Position Details

  • Design, develop and test with JavaEE7 in existing/additional functions for Rakuten Card User Site(Rakuten e-NAVI).

  • Design, development, and testing of existing and additional functions of intranet systems for internal user.

  • Design, development, and testing related to existing and additional functions of the call center system.

  • Design, development, and testing related to existing and additional functions of the payment system (authorization, sales).

  • Make/Update instruction with reverse engineering.

  • Cope with inquiries from other sections(such as consultation of current specification survey or operation policy)

  • Improve test environment and work to improve test quality

Work Environment

  • Mid-Career 80%

  • New Graduate 20%

  • Alumni SLER and Web System Development companies

  • OS:Linux, RHEL, Ubuntu

  • Framework: Vue, Nuxt, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile

  • Languages: Java, Javascript

  • Tools: Docker, Visual Studio Code, Nodejs, NetBeans

Mandatory Qualifications

  • 3+ years of Java development experience(over Java8)

  • Development experience using Java EE(especially JAS,JPA)

  • Development experience using Web application

  • Can do basic design and detailed design for Java

  • Can create basic/detail design document

Desired Qualifications

  • Basic knowledge of UNIX system server

  • Basic knowledge of Database・ SQL

  • Network-related basic knowledge(TCP/IP) 

  • Development experience using Git(GitHub/Bitbucket

  • Development experience using NetBeans(IDE)

  • Development experience using Maven

  • Development experience using OracleDB

  • Development experience using TestRails

  • Development experience using JUnit

  • Basic knowledge of micro service

  • A person who are highly interested in and motivated by new technologies and solutions.

  • A person who can tackle development from user perspective.

  • A person who can work and develop as a team with an understanding of different races and ideologies.

Additional information on Location


Tokyo(If the options is available)

Additional information on Secondment

You will be employed by Rakuten Group, Inc. and transferred to Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.

※For more information, please refer to the links below: 


▼About Company  

▼ Latest Company News  

▼ Video Links 

▼ Conditions of Employment 


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