Octopus Energy

Backend Developer Python

Paris, France Remote Hybrid
PostgreSQL Terraform Python AWS Machine Learning API Django GraphQL React
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Notre mission est de fournir de l’énergie moins chère et plus verte sur le marché Français.

Octopus Energy France, est une entreprise en pleine croissance dans le domaine de l'énergie et reconnue ESS (économie sociale et solidaire).

Nous offrons une meilleure expérience à nos client·es grâce à la transparence, l'honnêteté et la simplicité. Nous voulons faire mieux pour la planète, grâce à un investissement réel long terme dans la production d'énergie renouvelable et un avenir à faible émission de CO2, plus avantageux pour le portefeuille de nos client·es. Nous voulons révolutionner le domaine de l’énergie grâce à nos équipes, notre plateforme et à notre utilisation de données.

Nous nous concentrons sur la satisfaction de nos client·es et il nous tient à coeur de recevoir des avis positifs - nous avons le meilleur score parmi les fournisseurs d'énergie français sur Google Reviews et Trust Pilot.

Our mission is to provide cheaper, greener energy to the French market.

Octopus Energy France is a fast-growing energy company recognized as an ESS (social economy).

We offer a better experience to our customers through transparency, honesty and simplicity. We want to do better for the planet, through real, long-term investment in renewable energy production and a low-CO2 future that's better for our customers' wallets. We want to revolutionize the energy business through our people, our platform and our use of data.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and receiving positive reviews is important to us - we have the best score among French energy suppliers on Google Reviews and Trust Pilot.

Kraken technologies

Kraken Technologies is a company within Octopus Energy Group who are licensing the Kraken platform and operating model to clients across the world. Current clients are both the Octopus Energy retails businesses around the world as well as external clients such as Good Energy, Origin, EDF, E.ON & Queensland Energy - with many more expected to join over the next few years!

Our team

All technology is written and maintained by a multi-discipline engineering team of around 450 people globally. This includes server-side, client-side and mobile engineers working closely with UX experts, copywriters and designers.
We follow a Kanban-like approach, using Google docs and Asana to specify and manage work; Github, CircleCI and Terraform Enterprise as part of an immutable-infrastructure, continuous delivery pipeline; and Loggly, Sentry and Cloudwatch to measure performance and monitor production.
Some of our coding conventions are open-source.
Octopus is a great place to learn, work with some talented engineers and level-up your skills.

Our technology

On the server-side, we mainly use Python. Most of our websites are powered by Django, Django-REST-framework and GraphQL (Graphene).
We use AWS heavily, employing most of the "Hashistack" (eg Packer, Consul, Terraform) as part of a continuous deployment pipeline. See, for example, Django, ELB health checks and continuous delivery.
Client-side, we use React, Redux and SASS; our mobile apps are built using native code or React Native.

What you'll do

We have lots of difficult design challenges to solve. The French energy market is complicated, outdated and process-heavy - there's an awful lot of domain modelling that we need to get right. Strong attention to detail is essential.

We have difficult technical problems to solve. With the advent of smart meters, we'll soon be processing millions of meter readings a day. We need the right technology in place to handle this smoothly as well as feeding data into a machine learning pipeline that models and predicts consumption.

You'll be working for a company that’s fighting climate change.
As a supplier, we're helping people to use greener technology and renewable energy, all helping move the French market towards a lower carbon future.

What you'll have
We're looking for someone with a general interest in technology and problem-solving; someone diligent and thoughtful.

It would be helpful to have experience/expertise in the following (in rough priority order):

  • Python
  • Django (or equiv. web framework)
  • Fluent in French, and lever B2 at least in English
  • Domain modelling
  • HTTP and REST APIs
  • Writing robust and fault-tolerant software
  • Celery and async processing
  • Postgres
  • Plus experience in the following would be a bonus:
  • AWS
  • Terraform, Packer, Consul
  • React and Redux

What you'll love about us

  • Wondering what the salary is for this position? Ask us! During our initial contact, this is something we always bring up, because we really want to match your experience with the right salary. The reason we don't talk about it here is that we have a degree of flexibility and would never want salary to be a reason why someone doesn't apply to Octopus - what's more important to us is finding the right octofit!

  • Octopus Energy has a unique culture: we won the award for Best Company to Work For in 2022, on Glassdoor UK we were voted one of the 50 Best Places to Work in 2022 and our CEO, Greg, recorded a podcast about our culture and how we empower our employees. In France, we were awarded the Happy at Work label, and ranked eighteenth out of a total of 1,675 structures in the category of companies where employees find the most meaning.

  • We are an organization where people learn, decide and build faster. Where they work autonomously, with extraordinary people, on innovative projects. Profit-sharing, flex-office, excellent mutual insurance, soft mobility package, coverage of part of the "pass navigo" above the legal minimum, and even special days off to invest in an associative project that's close to your heart... we want your investment to be rewarded by benefits you really care about!

  • At Octopus, we're looking for people who are genuinely caring and empathetic. Equal opportunities are important to us, and we're committed to providing an inclusive and fair working environment. We invite you to apply, whatever your age, gender, marital status, color, disability, pregnancy or parenthood, origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Pourquoi tu vas adorer travailler chez nous ?
 Tu te demandes quel est le salaire pour ce poste ? Demande-le nous ! Lors de notre premier contact, c’est un point que nous abordons toujours, car nous souhaitons réellement faire correspondre ton expérience avec le bon salaire. La raison pour laquelle nous n’en parlons pas ici est que nous avons un certain degré de flexibilité et que nous ne voudrions jamais que le salaire soit une raison pour laquelle quelqu’un.e ne postule pas chez Octopus - ce qui est plus important pour nous est de trouver le bon octofit !
Octopus Energy a une culture unique : nous avons gagné le prix de la meilleure entreprise pour laquelle travailler en 2022, sur Glassdoor UK nous avons été élus parmi les 50 meilleurs endroits où travailler en 2022 et notre PDG, Greg, a enregistré un podcast sur notre culture et la façon dont nous donnons du pouvoir à nos employés. En 2023, nous avons été classés parmi les 100 meilleures entreprises dans lesquelles travailler dans le Sunday Times. En France, nous avons reçus le label Happy at Work, et nous sommes classés dix-huitième sur sur un total de 1 675 structures dans la catégorie des entreprises au sein desquelles les employé·es trouvent le plus de sens.

Nous sommes une organisation où les gens apprennent, décident et construisent plus rapidement. Où ils travaillent de manière autonome, avec des gens extraordinaires, sur des projets qui innovent. Intéressement au capital, flex-office, excellente mutuelle, forfait mobilité douce, prise en charge d’une partie du pass navigo au delà du minimum légal, et même des jours de congés spéciaux pour t’investir dans un projet associatif qui te tient à coeur… nous voulons que ton investissement soit récompensé par des avantages auxquels tu tiens vraiment !

Chez Octopus, nous cherchons des personnes foncièrement bienveillantes et empathiques. L’égalité des chances nous tient à cœur et nous veillons à offrir un environnement de travail inclusif et équitable. Nous t’invitons à postuler, quels que soient ton âge, genre, vie conjugale, couleur, handicap, grossesse ou parentalité, origine, convictions religieuses ou orientation sexuelle.
Si tout cela te stimule, postule dès maintenant !
Octopus Energy
Octopus Energy
Energy Energy Efficiency GreenTech Renewable Energy

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