Cinder Technologies

Software Engineer - Full Stack

USD 100k - 160k
AWS Python Django GraphQL React

About Cinder

Cinder provides a cutting-edge platform to protect the internet. Trust & Safety teams at the world’s most influential companies need powerful solutions that allow them to innovate and adapt as quickly as the threats they face. Companies rely on our software to make policies, moderate, enforce, investigate, and disrupt threats like hate groups, and state-sponsored disinformation campaigns.

We operate as a fully remote company with teammates in NY, DC, Austin, and SF. We also believe in the value of frequent in-person meet-ups and learning face to face. We offer health, vision & dental benefits and a 401(k) plan with employer matching.

What you’ll do

  • Develop our engineering roadmap and guide major product decisions and execution

  • Work with some of the most ubiquitous technology companies today to build innovative products at incredible scale

  • Work closely with client engineering teams to prioritize improvements and new features to keep our existing product offerings sharp and relevant

  • Set Cinder apart as a hub of excellent engineering practices and build a solid foundation for our software

  • Lead product strategy and engineering direction

  • Work closely with product designers and investigations experts to craft a consumer-grade experience for our customers

  • Have excellent written and spoken English communication skills. As a remote company, we need to be able to communicate with each other and our customers quickly and clearly!

About you

  • 1+ years in a previous full-time engineering role or equivalent

  • Experience using modern open source frameworks and cloud technologies

  • Ability to take initiative—if something looks wrong or needs attention, you love to jump on it

  • Comfort with ambiguity. Trust & Safety is an evolving industry; new regulations, norms, and best practices emerge all the time and we will adjust to support our customers.

  • Interest in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems

Some nice-to-haves

  • Experience in a start-up or building 0 to 1 products and bringing them to market

  • Experience working for a social media, marketplace, or media company with knowledge of how attackers can abuse these systems

Core technologies: Our engineering team has experience across a few languages. We don’t require a specific programming background, but expect you to be motivated to write clean and efficient code. Today, we're mostly using AWS, Python, Django, GraphQL, and React, among other current languages and libraries.

Why join Cinder?

As a full stack software engineer at Cinder, you’ll be paramount in determining the end-to-end experience for our customers, having your work be seen, used, and loved by trust & safety teams, policymakers, and investigators protecting the largest communities in the world. We’re building and implementing the most advanced Trust & Safety operating system, and your customers and partner organizations are some of the world’s largest enterprises. Expect a front row seat in tackling the hardest problems for some of the most sensitive, impactful issues.

Cinder Technologies
Cinder Technologies
Fraud Detection Information Technology Intelligent Systems Risk Management

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