Sr. Software Engineer- (AWS Cloud)

Bengaluru, India APAC
AWS Microservices Azure Docker TypeScript Terraform Kubernetes JavaScript Go Python API GCP Node.js Java SQL
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Senior Software Development Engineer– Enterprise Systems and Applications Engineering 

Location: Bangalore, INDIA   

As a key part of the ESAE (Enterprise Systems and Applications Engineering) technology modernization initiative, we are investing in present and future capability, building a new execution platform to integrate to our portfolio of packaged finance applications to deliver a higher level of service, reliability, scale and functionality to our key internal customers and stakeholders. 


ESAE delivers capabilities to support our evolving business models and finance operations. We originate, plan, build and run the foundational applications and services for Autodesk’s $5B+ business and must be able to scale Autodesk’s growth to $10B and beyond.  


The ESAE teams are chartered with the plan & build phases of a wide portfolio of software and applications supporting Autodesk’s business, human capital and finance activities. With our business model transformation underway (moving from selling perpetual software licenses to cloud-based subscription services), we are making substantial investments in Cloud Based Finance Toolsets, Big Data and Enterprise Data Management. The ideal candidate will have experience developing products and systems in AWS and be well versed in modern resiliency and observability practices. A thorough understanding of modern cloud-based software development and release practices including CI/CD and SDLC is essential. Experience with and knowledge of e-commerce systems is ideal. 


Autodesk is seeking a skilled Cloud Developer proficient in designing, developing, and maintaining scalable, robust cloud-based applications and solutions. The ideal candidate will possess a strong background in cloud computing, particularly with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and a fervor for staying abreast of the latest cloud technologies and best practices. This role entails leveraging cloud technologies, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and ensuring the scalability, security, and performance of applications. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Application Development: 

  • Architect and develop cloud-native applications. 

  • Craft clean, maintainable, and efficient code. 

  • Implement and oversee APIs and microservices. 

Deployment and Integration: 

  • Deploy applications on leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. 

  • Seamlessly integrate cloud services with existing applications and systems. 

  • Utilize containerization tools such as Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes. 

Optimization and Maintenance: 

  • Fine-tune applications for maximum speed and scalability. 

  • Monitor application performance and resolve issues. 

  • Conduct routine maintenance and updates to cloud applications. 

Security and Compliance: 

  • Ensure adherence to security best practices. 

  • Implement security measures such as encryption and access controls. 

  • Maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. 


  • Collaborate closely with developers, cloud engineers, and stakeholders. 

  • Participate in code reviews and contribute to team best practices. 

  • Provide technical support and training to team members. 

Continuous Improvement: 

  • Stay abreast of the latest cloud technologies and development practices. 

  • Propose and implement enhancements to boost application performance and reliability. 

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive documentation for cloud applications and processes. 


Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field. Experience: Over 8 years of full-stack development experience encompassing both front-end and back-end. 

Development Skills: Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Go, Python, or Java. Microservices: Expertise in Microservices architecture with REST API/Web API integrations. CI/CD Tools: Familiarity with Jenkins or similar CI/CD tools.  

Infrastructure Automation: Experience in automating infrastructure using CloudFormation (CF), Terraform, or similar tools.  

Database Knowledge: Proficient in working with SQL or NoSQL databases. Cloud Platforms: Extensive experience with AWS services (ECS, Fargate, EKS, EC2, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, SQS) or significant development experience on AWS cloud platforms. Agile  

Development: Demonstrated ability to deliver software in an Agile environment. Team Collaboration: Experience in collaborating within distributed cross-functional teams.  

Communication Skills: Excellent communication and documentation abilities. Logging: Familiarity with Filebeat, Splunk, or equivalent tools.  

Monitoring: Experience with Dynatrace, Splunk, or equivalent monitoring tools. 



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