Sr. Data Engineer

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Your work as Appcues’ Data Engineer will empower thousands of Appcues customers to improve their SaaS products’ adoption and engagement for millions of their end-users. Appcues’ no-code tools have helped customers deliver over 1.4 billion in-app web and mobile experiences such as onboarding guides, tips, announcements, and surveys. Our customers, such as Litmus, HotJar and ProfitWell, depend on our services to deliver these in-app experiences. Your mission will be to evolve our platform’s data architecture to support several new product initiatives. You will collaborate closely with our product team and platform engineers to gather requirements, design and implement foundational changes that will power Appcues for years.

About us

  • We store data in PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, S3, Redis, and Snowflake. We operate data pipelines and event streams using Kafka and SQS.
  • We manage, monitor, and deploy code using CircleCI, Github, Terraform, and AWS CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, DataDog. 
  • Our platform is powered using Elixir and Node running on Lambdas, ECS, and EC2.
  • Our engineers communicate primarily via Slack, and are committed to remote, agile  Kanban development, and deploy to production multiple times a day.
  • Our fully remote engineering team currently has over 45 people.
  • Our data model is currently defined in Snowflake, DynamoDB and Postgres and is optimized for delivering experiences embedded in our customers' SaaS applications. 
  • Our platform handles over a billion requests from our customer sites per day via our JavaScript and mobile SDKs and from partners like and Zapier.

About the role

  • As Data Engineer on our 3-person Data team you will evolve our data platform to ingest and process end-user product activity event data at scale to deliver actionable product insights.
  • You will evolve our data model using domain-driven design and other strategies to support our product and business objectives and adapt to current constraints. Future projects involve migrating from one data storage solution to another as well as streamlining our ingestion process to reduce latency.
  • On a typical day, you may work with our product managers to understand our business’ data model and future goals, collaborate with frontend and backend teams on constraints and needs, publish models, write technical proposals, architect solutions, work with tech leads to breakdown epics, implement features, or mentor others. 
  • You will select and propose suitable database technologies to meet our business objectives including defining ETL processes for data transformation.
  • You will work closely with the Security and Compliance team on data security measures and on ensuring compliance with regulations and data governance frameworks.
  • Elixir is the foundation of most of our Platform services. You should either have experience with functional programming or a desire to learn. We are happy to teach you Elixir! It is similar to Ruby or Golang.
  • Python is used in segments of our data pipeline for ETL.

About you

  • You have designed, built and evolved data transformation services or pipelines to support the rapid growth of large distributed applications and product activity/analytics data. You have experience with multiple database implementations, including columnar, relational and streaming database technologies. You are pragmatic, not dogmatic, and are aware of the strengths & weaknesses of your tools.
  • You have experience using Snowflake and AWS database stacks. You are proficient in data modeling, data transformation, performance tuning, and data warehousing. Streaming data experience is a plus.
  • You are comfortable suggesting improvements. You can clearly describe the business implications of your technical decisions. 
  • You have led the delivery of data platform initiatives for SaaS applications with analytics needs. 
  • While our company supports remote work, we require your availability for team collaboration at least during the core hours of 10 am to 4 pm Eastern Time. 
  • You are energized working in a highly collaborative environment at a customer-driven startup.
  • Please note, Appcues does not support visa sponsorship at this time
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