Staff Software Engineer, Consumer

Brooklyn, NY
USD 210k - 250k
JavaScript SQL Next.js
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About Whop

Whop is building one end-to-end platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop offers these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers who visit our marketplace. We currently handle over $250M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active sellers. Our mission is to make everyone an internet entrepreneur.

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About the role

✅ $210K - $250K target salary and a competitive equity package
❤️ Unlimited PTO, Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
📍 Brooklyn, New York | Check out our office here
🥙 Daily $20 lunch, $25 dinner Uber credits
💪 State of the art gym access
💻 Latest 16 inch Macbook Pro

This role is a Staff Software Engineer who reports directly to the VP of Engineering. As a Staff Software Engineer on our core team, you’ll be responsible for building out end to end features. This role in particular will be focused on our consumer product. This means that you will be building out full fledged functionality for millions of customers who purchase or browse on Whop. 

What does the role look like?

This role is one of the most important roles at our company. As a Staff Software Engineer, you will have significant responsibility over high impact parts of our product. You will work directly with our design and product teams to deeply understand what is being built from the beginning of the design phase to production. You are expected to be highly opinionated and passionate about all aspects of user experience and product. At the same time, you can actually bring highly complex products to life – through code. At Whop, staff engineers are drivers of our engineering team. And as a Staff Software Engineer, you need to be highly capable of communicating with other engineers to complete your initiatives with quality and urgency. You are expected to spec and ticket projects from what needs to be designed all the way to what URL a page or flow will live on.

This specific role is focused on our consumer product. This includes our marketplace, product pages, and user hub. You should be capable of owning an 8 week roadmap for your domain, preparing tickets for sprints, reporting KPIs during bi-weekly meetings, and interviewing candidates as we scale the engineering team. The most important part of this role is that you are programming and bringing concepts to life, with both speed and quality.

Your first 90 days will look like the following:

  • Within 30 days, you will understand our product, codebase, design process, and all key stakeholders who you will be working with.

  • Within 60 days, you will be well underway on your first project. You will have worked closely with the product team to create a clear plan of attack and designs are well underway. An example of a project would be spearheading a new user hub (where users access their apps after purchase) on the consumer side.

  • Within 90 days, your first project will be in production.

Who you are

You understand the difference between an excellent product and a mediocre product. You are ruthless, don’t let anyone stand in your way, and are highly opinionated. At the same time, you can admit when you are wrong and will throw your full support behind more sound logic. You are someone who loves programming. You see elegant solutions to everyday problems in the lines of code you write and love to build things from 0-1. You have a sharp eye for detail and are straightforward with your feedback towards others. You don’t leave a room until all loose ends are tied up and everyone is clear on next steps.

You’re someone who wants to join a startup that is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and thrive. The company is growing 10x YoY and you’re someone who can move with urgency, take initiative, and do whatever it takes to win.


  • 7+ years of Javascript experience

  • 7+ years of full stack development

  • 7+ years of SQL experience

  • Individually impacted core product of a highly used application

  • Experience working 1-1 with designers

  • Successfully led a reasonably sized project with a group of 4+ engineers

  • Ability to create and communicate alignment with product, engineering, and growth team 

Nice to haves

  • Experience with NextJS

  • Experience integrating payments systems

  • Experience building recommendation algorithms

We look forward to hearing from you!

At Whop, we’re looking for people who are resourceful, competitive, and gritty. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. We welcome those who are passionate about their craft and want to work hard to build a world class product with us that will enable anyone and everyone to become an internet entrepreneur.

E-Commerce Internet Marketplace

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