Endpoint Engineering Manager

Tel Aviv, Israel
JavaScript R Node.js

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The healthcare system's next chapter will unfold on something other than the old tech script.
Our point-of-care connection platform leads the industry by connecting data to doctors', clinics', and medical centers' workflows.
We’re driving a higher-performing and better healthcare system with some of the biggest and boldest organizations in the US health industry.
If you're looking for a dynamic, technology-driven team in a global company with a great atmosphere, you've found it!


Why Vim?

At Vim, we use novel technology to seamlessly connect data, reduce burden, and drive performance at healthcare delivery’s last mile: clinical and operational workflow at the point of care. Our products address critical cost, quality, and experience levers for care improvement and our differentiated technology enables dramatically faster, more flexible, and more powerful deployments for our payer, provider, and risk enabling partners. 

Vim’s core R&D team is located in Tel Aviv while our market facing teams are located in the US. We are backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Great Point Ventures, Anthem, Walgreens, UnitedHealth Group and Florida Blue. Our customers include some of the largest and most prominent players in US Healthcare as well as over 1,400 physician-led health care organizations and medical groups.


What will you do:

As the Engineering Manager for one of our company's most pivotal teams, you will be at the helm of developing our sophisticated endpoint agent. This role requires a leader who is ready to dive in and navigate a complex and diverse technology landscape. Here’s what you’ll be responsible for:

  • Technology Mastery: You’ll need to have a versatile understanding of our technology stack which spans from low-level Windows internals and computer vision to a modern web stack. You will be expected to quickly grasp the nuances of each layer and component that contributes to the functionality of our endpoint agent.
  • Strategic Development: Lead the charge in both crafting and executing a strategic vision for the team. Your role will cover the full spectrum of technological aspects, from day-to-day tactics to long-term strategy, ensuring that the team's output aligns with our business goals.
  • Leadership and Analysis: Hit the ground running by performing a comprehensive gap analysis of our current architecture. You will identify areas of improvement, potential innovation, and optimization to ensure our agent remains at the cutting edge.
  • Team Management: Guide and mentor a group of highly skilled engineers. Foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. You’ll be responsible for setting the bar high and maintaining our commitment to code quality and product excellence.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with other teams and departments to align the endpoint agent’s development with the company’s overall product strategy and customer needs. Your collaborative efforts will be key to driving the seamless integration of technology and user experience.
  • Continuous Delivery: Ensure that the team adheres to best practices in software development to consistently deliver high-quality, robust, and secure applications. You'll lead the charge in maintaining a delivery pipeline that is efficient, dependable, and responsive to the dynamic needs of our users.

Your strategic vision and technical expertise will be critical in propelling our endpoint agent to new heights, ensuring it remains a cornerstone of our product suite and a competitive force in the market.


What are we looking for:

The ideal candidate for our Engineering Manager position will bring a dynamic set of skills and experiences to the table. We’re looking for someone who is not just technically proficient but also a strategic thinker with a track record of developing software at scale. Here’s what we expect from you:

  • Proven Deployment at Scale: You have a history of working on agents that have been deployed across large-scale environments. Your experience should include managing the challenges of deployment, updates, and maintenance across thousands or even millions of endpoints.
  • Technological Versatility: Your resume should demonstrate proficiency in a range of programming languages and technologies, especially C++/C# for our low-level operations and Node.JS, JavaScript for our user-facing layers. Experience with Electron or similar frameworks is a plus.
  • Advanced Debugging Skills: You are seasoned in troubleshooting and resolving complex issues such as memory corruptions, process contentions, and overall system performance bottlenecks. Your approach to problem-solving in these areas is methodical and informed by substantial experience.
  • Performance and Efficiency Mindset: You have a keen eye for not only the functionality but also the cost-effectiveness and resource footprint of the solutions you oversee. Your decisions and leadership reflect an understanding of the importance of optimizing performance while minimizing costs.
  • Leadership Experience: You have led engineering teams in past roles, demonstrating an ability to mentor, inspire, and drive technical excellence. Your leadership has tangible results in product success and team growth.
  • Strategic Planning: Your background includes translating business objectives into technological roadmaps, aligning short-term actions with long-term goals, and effectively communicating these plans to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Your track record should not only reflect your expertise in the nuts and bolts of software development but also an ability to lead teams to deliver software that is robust, scalable, and meets the high expectations of users and stakeholders alike.


Some more about us

Our team is currently hybrid remote, with our headquarters in New York City and remote concentrations in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Texas. Our Product and R+D teams are located in Tel Aviv, Israel, meaning our culture is an international one and we collaborate closely across time zones. Our incredible customers and investors include UnitedHealthcare, Optum, Anthem, GuideWell, Premera, Walgreens, Sequoia, Great Point, and Frist Cressey. 

Vim is a place where team members thrive and grow. We’re a progressive and inclusive meritocracy. Bring your unique background and experience, and join us in the journey. 

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