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👋 About Us 

At The/Studio, our vision is to empower individuals, regardless of their expertise, to unleash their creativity and bring their unique ideas to life through the production of custom products. We are committed to delivering top-quality customized products that not only exceed expectations but also provide a seamless and awe-inspiring experience via our exceptional team and AI-integrated systems. By shouldering the manufacturing burdens, we liberate our customers to focus on their true passions, driving them towards remarkable success and fulfillment. Together, we turn dreams into tangible realities and shape a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, but we are a truly global company with team-members across the U.S., Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia/Pacific. We have gone to a fully remote working platform so that we can attract the world’s best talent. 

All roles at The/Studio are 100% remote from anywhere in the world, as long as you have all your tools, and a fast, stable internet connection! 

💻 The Role

We’re looking for an experienced front end developer to join our growing engineering team. Our ideal candidate is someone who is well-versed with multiple front end frameworks and someone who previously worked on front end heavy and interactive interfaces. Experience in possibly drag and drop systems, image manipulation or other advanced functionalities is a plus.

What You’ll Do:

    • Help build an amazing front end interface for a new internal management system
    • Be a key player in creating a new user interface for The/Studio which is being used by thousands of users
    • Help rebuilding the whole user experience for the customers of The/Studio
    • Provide innovative solutions leveraging modern web tools and techniques enhancing our platform capabilities and make recommendations to support a rapidly increasing org. 
    • Implement best practices by developing, refining, iterating, integrating, testing, staging, and deploying maintainable technical solutions. 
    • Use analytical skills and judgment to solve problems and make decisions in a rapidly changing environment. 
    • Communicate complicated problems to team members to ensure we are coming up with the right solutions. 
    • Ensure all code is version controlled according to industry standards and best practices. 
    • Remain current on knowledge and skills necessary for software development, including programming tools, development techniques, and related technologies. 
    • Create design documents that satisfy business requirements, follow adopted methodologies and lead to efficient, easy to maintain, and reliable systems

About You:

    • Well-versed in at least one modern front end framework
    • Previously worked on interactive user interfaces
    • Likes to bring fresh ideas and help UI/UX experts 
    • BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical discipline
    • Experience in e-commerce is a plus
    • Naturally inquisitive and intellectually curious
    • Experience working with distributed remote teams
    • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity, and highly analytical
    • Has a startup mentality and is willing to test new ideas
    • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form
💡 The/Studio’s Company Values

👏 Intellectually curious - possesses a natural disposition and comfort to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and a desire to ‘get to the bottom of things’ if they see something not quite right
👏 Self-motivated with a meaningful reason to deliver excellence
👏 Good communication skills that enhance collaboration, minimize misunderstandings, and at a frequency that is appropriate for a remote team
👏 Radical candor -  Coachable, accepting of constructive negative feedback and willing to provide constructive negative feedback where applicable
👏 Operates with a level of urgency - values immediate action where prudent, enables quick decision-making, swift problem-solving, and seizing opportunities in a dynamic business environment
👏 Natural customer centricity - has an affinity to always start their train of thought or analysis with the customer’s perspective, bias towards talking to the customer to understand them
👏 Results-driven - focuses on achieving and exceeding measurable objectives

🔎 Our Typical Hiring Process

✔️ Submit an application. IMPORTANT: Please submit your resume/CV in English
✔️ Initial Chat with Global Recruiter
✔️ Hiring Manager Interview
✔️ Assessment/Case Study - if applicable
✔️ Final Interview
Note that every role is different, so the process may vary depending on the requirements of the role. Regardless of the result, we always inform candidates via email.

At The/Studio, we know that our Company's strength lies in the diversity of our team. The/Studio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Our policy is to provide equal opportunities for all applicants and individuals regardless of protected characteristics. We prioritize and maintain a fair, inclusive and equitable workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
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