Tech Lead (IOS)

Bengaluru, India

We are looking for a qualified Team Lead Mobile developer to join our Engineering team. You will be responsible for managing and motivating team members on a daily basis. As a team leader, you will be the contact point for all team members, so your communication skills should be excellent. You should also be able to act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration. Ultimately, it would help if you led by setting a good example and engaging the team to achieve goals.


  • Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)
  • Produce fully functional mobile applications writing clean code
  • Gather specific requirements and suggest solutions
  • Write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions
  • Troubleshoot and debug to optimize performance
  • Design interfaces to improve user experience
  • Liaise with the Product development team to plan new features
  • Ensure new and legacy applications meet quality standards
  • Research and suggest new mobile products, applications and protocols
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology trends
  • Create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture
  • Set clear team goals
  • Delegate tasks and set deadlines
  • Oversee day-to-day operation
  • Monitor team performance and report on metrics
  • Motivate team members
  • Discover training needs and provide coaching
  • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
  • Recognize high performance and reward accomplishments
  • Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  • Suggest and organize team-building activities
  • Expert proficiency in native iOS or android development (or both)
  • Expertise in Design patterns, OOPs principles prevailing in the Mobile App development eco-system
  • Agile practitioner - Should be part of the team that practices Agile mode of development
  • Awareness or Experience in Shift Left method of Development Life cycle
  • Very good with Code review and ability to get the team to write quality code.
  • Expertise is Unit testing and unit testing tools and frameworks used in mobile app development eco system
  • Experience in working with QAs to build regression, automation and test tool frameworks and processes
  • Experience in post go live monitoring and tracking of the App's performance on play store and app store
  • Be in a position to work on proof of concepts and technical spikes with quick turn around time

  • Non-technical:
  • Appreciates Agile methodology and is able to blend into the team that works in the Agile way
  • Good communication (with people from different geographies, expertise levels and job profiles)
  • Aware of the Mobile App development eco-system
  • Good with Estimation, prioritisation and sequencing of tasks
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