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Chicago, IL
TypeScript Kotlin Swift
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Who we are 

M1 is a personal finance platform made for the modern era, uniting individual perspective with automated ease. Hundreds of thousands of investors take control of their long-term wealth with M1 and have already trusted us with over $6 billion of assets. As the Finance Super App™, we empower financial well-being with all the tools to invest, borrow, and spend: low-cost borrowing, high interest checking, and high cash back Visa® debit and credit card rewards.  

We believe that financial well-being is fundamental to overall well-being and strive to deliver products that are simpler, smarter, and stronger than those created by our competitors. We've been named a top app for investors including 2022 Best for Low Costs and Best for Sophisticated Investors by Investopedia.  

As a fast-growing fintech company, we’re looking for talented and smart individuals who are excited about rethinking what’s possible with personal finance, invested in their personal and professional growth, and take ownership of the work they want to do – all while helping others create something meaningful and sustainable for their futures. Our award-winning workplace culture has been recognized by Inc. (Best Workplaces 2022), Built In Chicago (2022 Best Places to Work in Chicago), CB Insights (Top Fintech Companies of 2021), and the Chicago Tribune (2021 Top Workplace).  

We mean it when we say, “M1 is yours to build.”  

 If this sounds interesting to you, read on! 

Internship Information 

M1 internships last 12 weeks. All internships are paid hourly. In the current climate, our internships will be conducted remotely, like the rest of our team and most of your internship will be done via Zoom. We will supply your equipment and you will have virtual opportunities to network and learn about M1, the finance industry, and the technology industry.   

What we’re looking for 

We are a team of driven engineers committed to executing a clear and exciting vision. We adopt an iterative approach, believe in continuous improvement, and embrace first-principles thinking. While we value creative dissent in problem solving and eschew the idea of adopting a solution just because "it has always been done that way," we also believe in respect, support, and enabling each team members’ best contributions however we can. Everyone plays an integral part in developing our product and is empowered to make impactful decisions on features, architecture, and implementation. 

The quality engineering team upholds the bar for quality and success in our product delivery. We build and maintain our automated testing systems which provide a safeguard during our deployment process. We also work with our engineer colleagues to lead the way toward developing holistic test patterns which ensure we can adequately assess ongoing risk in our development and deployments. The technology for our automation stack is TypeScript, Jest, Pact & Pactflow, Cucumber, Kotlin, Espresso, Swift and XCUITest. 

We are looking for a passionate individual to join our team for the summer -- someone who realizes the value in code reviews, pair programming, and continuous self improvement; is unafraid to venture into undocumented territory; believes the most interesting problems do not have answers yet; shares our company vision, embodies our values, and also recognizes that software development is more than just a job, it is a craft. 

What You’ll Do 

  • Collaborate with team members across functional areas to support and enhance M1’s product.  
  • Implement clean and maintainable code that adheres to industry best practices  
  • Identify and execute on opportunities to improve existing systems  
  • Contribute product ideas to overall company growth  
  • Grow alongside an exciting, committed team of engineers who will always help you be your best 


  • Junior level+ student studying Computer Science or related field 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, self-motivated, growth-minded 
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator 
  • General knowledge of investing and personal finance or desire to learn 

M1's Commitment to Diversity 

M1 is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate different experiences and we're committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at all levels of the company. Women, minorities, veterans, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. With our three DEI task forces (internal education, recruiting, and community involvement), M1 employees and leaders set aside company time to tackle DEI projects and achieve goals every quarter. 

Our Values 

Our team embodies our ten core principles and if these principles speak to you – we’d love to talk with you. 

  • Mission Driven: Life short – everyone should spend their waking hours on something they find meaningful. We believe improving people’s financial wellness improves lives. It’s a vital and worthy cause.   
  • Extreme Ownership: We think and act like owners. That means we’re responsible for the results to our clients, coworkers, and M1 shareholders. Our focus is on building long-term value, not scoring short-term marks.  
  • Boldness: We want to do things of consequence. Make a difference. Put a dent in the universe. Thinking big inspires results. We’d rather fail at something meaningful than succeed at something trivial.   
  • Bias for Action: Results lag prior efforts – we can’t hope or wait for results. Instead, we believe a good process leads to good outcomes and persistent progress leads to compounding. 
  • Economical: We strive to do more with less. We’ll always be limited in time, money, and energy, especially compared to our ambitions. We must use our limited resources on what matters and regard constraints as motivators.   
  • Transparency: Context and accurate information are the foundation of strong decision making. We share information openly, honestly, deliberately and broadly. 
  • Team-oriented: People at M1 may play different roles, but we’re all on the same team. Together, we can achieve more. We maintain a low ego, make everyone feel welcome, trust one another, and seek out and respect different perspectives. 
  • Challenged, But Not Overwhelmed: We are curious people who always want to grow. We support growth through high standards, clearly defined responsibilities, and broad autonomy, with help when needed.   
  • Effectiveness: We care about performance and results, not specific methods. Different problems may require creative brilliance or a simple idea; grinding hard work or casual effort; or disciplined process versus scrappy implementation. Effective people do what’s needed to get the right things done and deliver intended results. 
  • Integrity: We do the right thing. When we make mistakes, we own and correct them. We’d be proud if our actions are shared with our family, friends, and strangers. Everyone can count on us to act according to our values. This trust must never be broken.
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