Software Engineer: FunOS Tools and Infrastructure (SRE)

Python API
Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU)

Fungible’s high performance storage clusters and accelerator cards all depend on our custom DPU (data processing unit) chips.  The embedded FunOS operating system running on these chips ensures that our DPUs move, transform, and transmit data insanely fast.  Our FunOS Tools team contributes to Fungible's embedded OS and platforms by building infrastructure and tools needed to increase our developers’ velocity: debugging, performance analysis, continuous integration and testing infrastructure, future chip emulation, and any special projects that require a broader view of the chip.   We're looking for skilled software engineers who will build the tools that make their engineering colleagues as productive as possible

Role and Responsibilities:

    • Build tools and systems to help FunOS engineers develop faster with higher quality.
    • Design and implement features needed for Fungible’s products.
    • Develop software at many different system levels - from low-level OS changes to making useful and usable web interfaces for internal tools.
    • Help keep always-on internal development systems running.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required

    • Strong Python and/or C development skills.
    • Demonstrated experience building and enhancing non-trivial systems and tools for internal or external use.
    • Knowledge and interest in best development processes from large and small companies.
    • Strong architectural sense.
    • Knowledge of web and REST APIs for user interfaces and interaction. 

Additional Success Factors

    • Working knowledge of networking, hardware, storage systems, embedded systems, or operating system internals.
    • Strong interest in developer tooling, build and test infrastructure, compilers, performance analysis, etc.
    • Ability to balance urgent requests or quick-and-dirty prototypes with slowly building towards the right infrastructure for the long term.
    • Experience interacting with computer hardware.
    • Experience building distributed systems 

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