Network Software Datapath Engineer

Bengaluru, India
Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU)

High performance data path software is integral to our solution. Your responsibility will be to design and develop data path software for various network functions and applications.

Skills, Education and Experience Require

    • BE /Btech in Computer Science or equivalent degree
    • Experience writing packet processing software for embedded systems
    • Experience with device drivers, low level I/O, virtualization
    • Experience writing high performance, low level software for multi-core processors
    • Experience writing software for PCIe interfaces
    • Expertise in protocol implementation of TCP or RDMA is a PLUS
    • Good understanding of performance optimization including solid understanding of I-Cache/D-Cache access, I/O and memory accesses, various CPU architectures

Additional Success Factors

    • Solid knowledge of traffic management in data center networks
    • Ability to write correct code fast
    • Self motivated, independent and proactive

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