Embedded SW Engineer

Bengaluru, India
C++ Assembly
Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU)

Central to Fungible's mission is a highly programmable, high throughput, low latency chip. In this role you will develop PCIe root complex, and/or endpoint code within the embedded OS (FunOS) on the chip and drivers in the host system. You will contribute to the design of the architecture, and own key parts of its implementation, from optimizing current modules to supporting completely new feature sets.

Skills, Education and Experience Required

    • BS in computer science or equivalent degree
    • 5+ years experience with embedded Operating Systems, Linux kernel, and/or Linux drivers
    • Architectural sense
    • Ability to write correct C or C++ code fast
    • Good communication skills
    • Desire to push the state of the art
    • Self motivated, independent and pro-active

Additional Success Factors

    • MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
    • Experience with PCI Express Root Complex and Endpoint, including SR-IOV
    • Experience with CPU and IO virtualization
    • Experience with the networking stack, storage drivers, file systems, microkernels, hypervisors, firmware
    • Experience with I/O interfaces like I2C, GPIO, SPI, UART, etc.
    • Experience with embedded processors and assembly language programming (ARM, MIPS, or PowerPC)
    • Experience bringing up hardware
    • Experience with user-mode device drivers
    • Experience with Windows driver model and IRP processing
    • Experience with security aspects of hypervisors
    • Startup experience

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Contribute to the design and architecture of FunOS
    • Develop new features for FunOS
    • Maintain existing features in FunOS
    • Participate in chip tape out and bring up
    • Collaborate with a cross-functional team through the product life cycle

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