Principal Software Engineer (Staff)

New York, NY US
USD 185k - 205k
AWS GraphQL API DynamoDB MongoDB PostgreSQL TypeScript

Everyrealm is looking for a Principal Software Engineer (Staff) to play an integral part in building and scaling our immersive media and social gaming platforms.

About Everyrealm:

Everyrealm is an immersive media company that develops and invests in businesses related to virtual worlds, social video gaming, and the metaverse. Everyrealm is behind popular virtual-community-driven projects such as The Row and Fantasy Islands, as well as the upcoming social video games Narcos: Metaverse and Hometopia. Everyrealm also operates Bedlam, an esports guild and tournament platform.

What you'll do:

  • Lead the design and implementation of product components.
  • Design, modify, implement, and test software to support our product suite.
  • Collaborate across multiple teams and disciplines both internally and externally.
  • Define and develop new features, support, and maintain those features.
  • Work with technologies such as Node/Typescript in an AWS cloud-based environment.

  • 8+ years of experience with Javscript/Node/Typescript.
  • Proficient designing, building and consuming REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Proficient with AWS services and CDK.
  • Proficient with Github and Github Actions.
  • Led teams and can drive implementation details through Jira.
  • Experience integrating with AWS services such as ECS, EKS, API Gateway, AppSync, S3, and more.
  • Experience with serverless and event driven architectures.
  • Strong understanding of software design patterns, object oriented programming, functional programming concepts, and software architecture.
  • Experience with databases such as DynamoDB, MongoDB, Postgresql, etc.
  • Experience designing and scaling event driven systems in cloud-based environments.
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