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Robotics Perception Software Engineer

Austin, TX US
C++ Python OpenCV Machine Learning Deep Learning

What we’re doing isn’t easy. But nothing worth doing ever is.

We envision a future powered by robots that work seamlessly with human teams. We build artificial intelligence that enables service robots to collaborate with people and adapt to dynamic human environments. Join our team of mission-driven, venture-backed roboticists who will translate cutting-edge research into commercial reality. The technical challenges are immense. With your talent and passion, we will get there faster.

Diligent Robotics is searching for a robotics perception software engineer to design and build new perception features for our cutting-edge robot. As a robotics software engineer, you will ensure that our robots perceive the world around them accurately, enabling smarter behaviors and new autonomy features in hospital deployments. The ideal candidate is self driven, passionate, and has experience dealing with 2D and 3D realtime sensor streams in an edge computing environment. They also have a strong track record of  writing code that runs on real robots and turning research papers into working code. This person thrives in a fast paced development environment and has the ability to make rapid decisions. You can deal with ambiguous situations, remove obstacles and turn designs into well-tested features quickly.


  • Build and maintain perception code that runs on our fleet of hospital robots
  • Write algorithms to take 2D and 3D sensor data and turn it into an actionable belief of the robot's surroundings
  • Write data-driven algorithms to solve new robotics problems, informed by a large corpus of real-world recorded data 
  • Work closely with the navigation and manipulation teams to design useful libraries and interfaces
  • Write code to monitor our robots' calibration and recalibrate them when necessary


  • Experience writing code to analyze LIDAR, RGBD, or traditional 2D image data - Object detection, classification, segmentation, etc.
  • Machine learning (not necessarily deep learning) experience - you know when to use a deep network and when to use logistic regression
  • Experience writing C++ and/or Python
  • Ability to write code with clean layers of abstraction, and test that code using unit and integration tests
  • Has written code that has been deployed to hardware in the field
  • ROS1 experience

Nice to Have

  • OpenCV experience
  • Experience working with Intel RealSense systems
  • Experience building deep learning systems and datasets from scratch
  • Experience with intrinsic and/or extrinsic calibration
  • Knowledge of best practices
  • ROS2 experience
  • Experience with audio signal processing (classical or machine learning)
Diligent Robotics
Diligent Robotics
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